Name: Jason E. Boyd

Date of Birth: May 19, 1983

City of Birth: Wellington, Kansas

Family: Wife Kori Boyd and three children

Residence History: Born and raised, lifetime resident of Sumner County

Political Party: Republican

Seeking: Sumner County Sheriff


Free Will Baptist church

Sumner County Drug Action Team (SCCDAT)

Kansas Peace Officers Association

Kansas Associations of Chiefs of Police


Sumner County Republican Party



4-H clubs

Youth Education Programs


Born and raised in Sumner County, graduate of South Haven High School. My father Kenny Boyd was the Sheriff the 4 years I was in high school.  This was testing for him, but a very special time for me. Nearly every day after school I would drive to the Sheriff’s office to see my dad. If he was in meetings or busy, I would sometimes get sent to the jail to observe and help jailers, and sometimes a deputy or detective would have me shadow along. Many invaluable lessons and memories were obtained from these years. Fast forward to today, I now have 3 boys of my own watching me with close eyes.

From high school I went on to earn an Applied Science degree from Cowley County Community College. With law enforcement being the most likely path for me after college, there was also an unexpected opportunity for me with BNSF Railway. BNSF was just beginning to launch a very large “double track” project out of Wellington in the upcoming years and this would be the timing of a rare opportunity with a fortune 500 company. Despite this, my heart still preferred to pursue law enforcement. My father, on the other hand, wanted me to be protected by the financial opportunity and health benefits that could only come from a company like this.

At the age of 20 I was hired on with BNSF Railway, where I continued my education with Johnson County Community College and spent 8 years as a Welder, then Section Foreman, and lastly a Track Supervisor on the Kansas Division. None of which came easy, especially having to earn respect as a young foreman in charge of a large crew of experienced laborers with diverse talents. This most certainly was a challenge that afforded me many priceless lessons on how to be a successful leader.

My journey of Service began with the Sumner County Sheriff’s Department in 2010 as Deputy Sheriff. This was a heavily weighted decision as it started the transition from an 8 year invested career with a fortune 500 company, to the calling I felt was on my heart – public service. Under the natural course of a father who had seen the things my father had, he was not initially excited about me leaving my career to pursue this way-of-life, but he saw my empathy and compassion through to support me with all of him. This is an honor I carry very proudly.

From there I accepted the appointment as Chief of Police in my hometown of South Haven. This gave me another angle of leadership and experience. Knowing the community personally, I was able to push out and prosecute drugs and theft, while bringing peace to others who were affected by a lack of police presence. Also, with the assistance of the Kansas Highway Patrol and other supporting agencies I was able to conduct educational, and prevention workshops at the school, while also conducting scheduled K-9 sniffs.

In 2008 I purchased my first piece of Sumner County land in rural South Haven, which is now the homestead of our family farm. Then, I got the idea of starting a farm from nothing, and with no help (which was said to be impossible by many). Despite that, piece by piece (and against the odds), I slowly grew the farm into what it is today – a 1,000 acre grain operation and harvesting business run completely by my family. The challenge of being adaptive and successful was, and is, something I am very proud of. Faith and family have helped me through all these journeys, to arrive where I am today. My passion, drive, and resilience, are attributes that I want to share with you – as your next Sheriff of Sumner County.         

Let’s build community together.

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